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6/11/2023 – The heat is here. Time to change those filters and put bleach or vinegar into your drain lines. Have questions or need help? Give us a call.

4/13/2023 – How long does an air conditioner last?

Very common question that is asked to me frequently. My answer is usually they last 10 to 12 years but it really depends on how you’re using your ac system.

The temperature you set your thermostat to in cooling mode can directly reflect how long your system will last. My answer above is for people that set the thermostat at 75. 75 degrees is the design temperature we use in this part of Florida.

I see many homes now that use 72 degrees or below as the set temp. If you are someone who does that, you can expect less life from your unit even dropping the lifespan to eight years. Remember the lower you set your thermostat the more run time your system will have, meaning more wear on the system, plus of course higher electric bills. Those of us that set their thermostat above 75 will see a longer life from the system even up to 15 plus years.

We all know they don’t build things like they used to and the word “efficiency” has replace the word “quality”. What you set your thermostat at will determine many things, and at the cost these days of replacing your ac systems, you may want to think a little more at what you set them at.

4/11/2023 – We are going thru our last of the cooler weather before it starts heating up. Time to change those filters and put some bleach/vinegar into your drain lines. If you haven’t called us for your seasonal check-up yet give us a call now, it’s important to insure your system is operating at it’s best!!!

3/20/2023 – Financing is now an option! If you need some help to be able to afford a new ac/heating system, or even if you get hit with a repair bill that’s going to exceed $1000.00, we now have a financing option to get you back in the game. There is several plans to choose from that include some interest free options. You can use it to up the SEER ratings on your new system to save on your monthly power bill. Call with any questions!!!!

3/6/2023 – It’s time to get on the schedule to get your air conditioning system checked before the heat gets here. Give us a call!!

2/27/2023 – A call I get several times a year goes like this: I have a friend that can get me some ac equipment, or I’ve bought a ac system online, and want to know how much you will charge me to install it in my home. The answer will always be the same from me, I Will Not install home owner furnished equipment. Then comes them wanting to know why. I, along with any reputable air conditioning company, do not install equipment that does not come from us due to warranty issues. No matter what the person they buy it from tells them, there will be warranty issues if a problem happens. Pointing of fingers whether it was a installation error or a manufacture issue. The second reason is the callers have it in their head that they can pay someone $500.00 or less to put it in. No licensed company can work for this amount and stay in business. There are many tools involved in installing a system and many years of learning and experience to do it right. Actually, its kind of insulting when I get this call. I’ve put over 40 years into this trade and want to work for a customer that can appreciate my experience level just as much as any professional person. I will usually tell them you don’t bring your own steak into Ruth Chris and ask them to cook it because you can’t, or don’t want to pay the price of their food

2/8/2023 – The air conditioning industry has undergone another big change that will affect every homeowner in our area. The new minimum energy rating will now be called SEER2. 14 SEER2 is still the first energy level approved but the SEER2 rating has a different testing then the 14 SEER (the old rating name) without the “2”. Confusing isn’t it, I totally agree. This new standard went into affect January 1 2023. This change also comes with quite a increase in pricing when it comes to getting a new air conditioning system put in your home. So far there has been a 15% increase in just the cost of the equipment with another 8% increase coming in March of this year. Costs of labor have also been going up adding to the price pain. It costs approximately $2800 more now to install the same size system then it did 10 years ago with no relief in sight. This was caused by government regulations put in place by congress to address climate change.

1/20/2023 – Now’s the best time to get your old or just not operating correctly system replaced. It is not a cheap thing to do, but pricing is rapidly going up so it’s the cheapest it’s ever going to be the sooner you can do it. New energy codes are now in effect. Call 850 685-0862 or 850 863-9885

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