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Replacing your air conditioning and heating system? We offer FREE replacement estimates. Very competitive pricing with expert HVAC installation.

Replacing a heating and air conditioning system is a major investment for your home. There are many decisions to make when it is time to replace your HVAC system such as: which SEER rating to choose, type and brand name, and which company to choose to install your system. We specialize in replacement heating and cooling systems to provide you with a comfortable home at reasonable costs. 

How do you know which system to choose? We don’t expect you to be experts in this regard, leave that to us. There are a number of considerations we take into account when determining which system is appropriate for your home. These may include:

  • How big is your home?
  • What are the ceiling heights?
  • What temperatures do you expect to achieve?
  • Would you like to save more on your monthly power bills?

Another thing to remember when it comes to conditioning your home, bigger may not be better. A very important role of our air conditioning system in the Florida Panhandle is humidity control. Oversized systems mean less run time, which equals less humidity removal. A correctly sized matched system is essential to achieve both a comfortable temperature and humidity level.

Not all companies are equal, even if installing the exact same equipment. A correct installation is extremely important with today’s higher efficient units. Correct installation is required in order for the equipment warranties to be honored by the manufacture. At Southern Comfort Climate Control your installation is done in a timely manner, never rushed or hurried. We take our time and ensure the system is working properly before we leave.

A visit to your home is necessary to give you a FREE estimate for the replacement of your system. Ball park estimates may be given over the phone by asking you a few questions. This can help you budget your funds but a home visit is needed to give a firm quote. We do not strive to be the lowest price, however many times we are. We bring you our experience, careful installation techniques, great products and stand behind our warranty.

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